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 Anti Terrorism Accreditation



Fees for Certification

The fee for the CAS Certification is $795. 

This fee covers the cost of your Examination, your Review Materials, and your Certification. 

You will have 2 opportunities to take the exam.

PayPal Credit provides you with the option to take 6 months to pay the fee.

If you are in a county where PayPal Credit is not available or if you have a problem with their processing we can assist you with a payment plan on case by case basis. 

If we provide you with a payment plan the Certification cost will be 895.

If you are paying for  more than one certification we will provide you with a discount.

We normally send you an invoice on PayPal for the Certification fees.  If you are in a county that is not services by PayPal or would prefer to pay by Bank Wire Transfer or Western Union, contact us for payment instructions.

In a situation where you need to take the test more than twice the fee for the examination fee is $250.

There are 2 examinations for the CAS certification.  The Standard examination for those that do not have the required experience and education is 2,000 questions. 

For those with military, law Enforcement, PSD, EMS, or other qualifying experience the examination is 200 questions. 

Upon payment of your fees we email all of your study materials and review materials to you.  We will send you everything that you need to successfully study for and pass the online CAS Examination. 

Most people can complete the process in 2 to 3 days from the time they receive their study materials.  You have 6 months to complete the process.  

Recertification and Continuing Education Unit Hours.

Annual membership is free for all certificate holders (e.g., CAS, CMAS, CAS-PSM, CAS-MSM, CAS-CTR, and CAS-ITM, CAS-OSI, CAS-CFCE, CEPS) provided they meet their annual continuing education (CEU) requirements.

You must obtain 20 CEU hours per year to maintain your Certification.  Your hours can be obtains by taking P.O.S.T. Training, Military or Medical Training.  !0 of the hours must be in Anti or Counter Terrorism.

You may also obtain hours by taking Advanced ATAB Certifications, Advanced ATAB Training or ATAB Webinars.

Private Review Courses and Webinars and Tutoring are Available. 

Private review courses are available for an additional fee.  The ATAB program is designed to be self taught from our online or course materials.  If you feel that you require additional training due to a language issue or other reason course materials can be reviewed with you.

ATAB also has authorized and certified instructors around the world that teach the ATAB course materials as well as custom designed classes for your organization.

The webinars start at $150 and the review course depends on your experience level and the amount of time that you require.

Private and Classroom CAS and CMAS Training

Classroom training for the CAS and CMAS review course is available for individuals that do not meet the minimum experience requirements or for those that do not speak English as a first language.  Mr. David Otto, CMAS has completed several classes in Europe and Africa with his students obtaining a 100% passing rate for the exams.  Individuals that take the Private Classroom training will be provided the short form of the examination.