Fees for Certification and Examination

The of the Certification is $795.

For 795 we provide you with ATAB's 50 Training modules, over 800 books and manuals on safety, security, terrorism and terrorism response.   The fee covers the review course and the cost of taking the exam.  You have 2 opportunities to take the exam.

Classroom CAS, CMAS Review Courses Available

ATAB, in an effort to address the current training situation that exist in the responder industry, developed training modules provided on DVD for convenient training and study.  With budget crunches impacting most businesses and governments, funds are often not available to send all staff to training.  Unfortunately, the officer on the street doing the job seems to be the last to receive funds for training. 

ATAB initially developed these programs after 911 to provide a standard response methodology to respond to a Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosive (CBRNE) Incidents.  ATAB utilized FEMA, DOT, US Army and Federal Fire Academy safety courses and merged them into informative and understandable training modules of Power Points using photo driven information to make the material easy to understand.

The Certified Anti-terrorism Specialist (CAS)

     Leading the Way In Responder Training

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  • We will send you Study Materials, The ATAB Emergency Response Power Points, exam review course and Resource Materials.
  • Take and Pass the Online Examination
  • Receive You certification 

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ATAB Advantages. 

ATAB provides responders with quality training materials at a very reasonable price.

ATAB has provided certification materials to over 13,000 individuals around the world.

ATAB provides ongoing updates and develops ongoing training modules to address new and current threats as they arise.

ATAB networking opportunities have provided CAS and CMAS’s with numerous employment opportunities.  Yesterday a CMAS called and ask if I was aware that one Federal Agency recently hired a complete department of investigators and each one of them was a CAS or CMAS.  We have had many members express that the reason for their employment was directly due to their certification as a CAS.

The Anti-Terrorism Accreditation Board and the International Association for Counterterrorism and Security Professionals (IACSP) have partnered together to provide enhanced benefits, training opportunities and discounted rates for our members.  For those that are not familiar with IACSP,  the IACSP is a network of Counterterrorism/Homeland security professionals interacting with other professionals providing a forum of education and information, while promoting international cooperation on counterterrorism policy through its flagship publication – The Journal of Counterterrorism & Homeland Security International (now into its 26th year of publication), its website, http://www.iacsp.com.  

Here is a link to review an article about ATAB found on www.Lawofficer.com


There is nothing more rewarding to the ATAB board members than to receive an email from a military member that states that while on patrol their life was saved due to information that they learned in an ATAB IED training module.  

Cost of Certification 

 Anti Terrorism Accreditation



The Anti-Terrorism Accreditation Board CAS Certification 

ATAB (The Anti-Terrorism Accreditation Board www.ATABonline.org) provides quality response training and has established a industry standard of training being used for terrorism responders around the world since 2002.

Certification Process:

Government and POST Approved Training

ATAB has developed a responder training curriculum that is being utilized at Police Academies, Universities, law enforcement agencies, military and special ops units.  ATAB curriculum is Certified by the Professional's Accreditation & Learning Council, ATAB War College (www.ATABwarCollege.com) And being used at training facilities from West Point and the Air Force Academy to DHS, ATF and Federal Law Enforcement Training Center.

The Who's Who in Responder Industry

ATAB members include everyone from 4 Star Generals, Deputy Directors of Homeland Security, Security Directors of Fortune 500 Companies, Directors of Security of Federal Agencies, University Professors, Military Members to Special Agents and Squad Leaders in Afghanistan and many more.  ATAB is designed for responders that strive to better educate themselves and make themselves more professional in their field of endeavor.

CMAS materials include a complete counter terrorism program with lesson plans, power points and video clips covering:

Anti Terrorism, Deployment, Detecting Surveillance, Forces Protection, Force Protection Conditions Systems, Hostage Survival, ID'ing Terrorism, Individual Protective Measures, Terrorist Tactics and Operations and Weapons of Mass Destruction, HME-IED Awarness, Introduction to Explosives and IED's, Home Made Explosives, Blast Effects, Bomb Treat Management, Search Techniques.

ATAB resource materials include over 800 manuals, publications and information documents on the following:
Aviation Security Manuals Publications and Directives, Biological & Chemical Terrorism Response Manuals, Reports and Publications, Communications, Defense Threat Reduction Agency Materials, Dept. of State Power Points on various Security, Risk, Response and Prevention methods, HazMat Information, Homeland Security Policy & Training Materials, International Training Materials & Documents, Military FM’s & TM’s & Manuals, Miscellaneous video clips, Power Points, Terrorism Reports and News segments, Nuclear Safety & Security Publications and Manuals, Planning & Operations Materials and Manuals, Technology Information Manuals, Publications and Directives, Search and Rescue Manuals dealing with all types of Natural and Man made Disasters

ATABCAS Curriculum

Anti-terrorism Accreditation Board (ATAB) training programs are designed to be completed in blocks of training and follow a specific sequence.  The fundamental program, the Certified Anti-terrorism Specialist (CAS) designation, is a comprehensive security management training program that provides basic and intermediary information on a working level for security practitioners. 

 Ch 1 Terrorism in Perspective
 Ch 2 Incidents & Indicators
 Ch 3 Self Protection in a Hot Zone
 Ch 4 Scene Control
 Ch 5 Notification and Coordination
 Ch 6 Hostage/Crisis Negotiations
 Ch 7 Cyber Terrorism Deployment
 Ch 8 Terrorism Response Plan
 Ch 9 IT Security while Traveling
 Ch 10 How Terrorist Choose their Victims
 Ch 11 Emergency Response to Terrorism (Ops)
 Ch 12 Emergency Response to Terrorism (CBRNE)
 Ch 13 Preserving Evidence at a Terrorist Incident
 Ch 14 Being Held Hostage and Surviving
 Ch 15 Stress Management After the Incident
 Ch 16 Agraterrorism
 Ch 17 Sea Port Security
 Ch 18 Aviation Security
 Ch 19 Computer Forensics in Corp Investigations
 Ch 20 Energy Facilities: Protecting them from Terrorism
 Ch 21 Responding to a Cyber Attack
 Ch 22 Securing a High Risk Facility
 Ch 23 Managing a Protective Detail
 Ch 24 Establishing a Computer Forensics' Program
 Ch 25 Healthcare Readiness for CBRNE Terrorist Events
 Ch 26 Road side Bombs and Vehicle Born IED's
 Ch 27 WiFi in combating Terrorism and Crime
 Ch 28 Disaster in the Data Center
 Ch 29 EP Principals
 Ch 30 Managing a TSCM Detail
 Ch 31 Al Qaeda Training Tactics
 Ch 32 Islamic Background Information
 Ch 33 Islamic Extremist
 Ch 34 Understanding Jihad
 Ch 35 Mindset and Methods of Terrorist
 Ch 36 Jihad Recruiting & the al Qaeda Network
 Ch 37 Combating 21st Century Terrorism
 Ch 38 Suspicious Activities
 Ch 39 Counter Surveillance
 Ch 40 Travel Safety
 Ch 41 Workplace Violence
 Ch 42 Ebola Avoiding the Virus
 Ch 43 FATCA Compliance
 Ch 44 School Shootings Active Shooter
 Ch 45 Rape on Campus
 Ch 47 School Security and Acts of Terrorism
 Ch 48 School Crisis Management
 Ch 49 Islamic Extremist

 Ch 50 Victim Proofing
 GLOSSARY of Security and Terrorism Terms

Private and Classroom Training Provided

Dr. David Otto, CMAS an authorized ATAB Training Professional has provided many training classes in Africa, UK and Europe for individuals that do not speak English as a first language or that do not have the required experience to qualify for the CAS or CMAS.  Dr. Otto has provided training in various languages to potential CAS's as well as specialty Training for the U.S. Army, DOD, Interpol and many other Military and Law Enforcement Agencies.